Kegging the Ale

Something that will become quite apparent as this blog develops is that I am an avid homebrewer. The next time I brew a batch I will be sure to post my process step by step. As for now I can show you the simple process of kegging the beer. My Lunar Whale Pale Ale had been in the carboy for just under two weeks and had finished fermenting.

After taking the final specific gravity reading and sanitizing the keg and equipment I was all ready to start siphoning. The siphon tube was inserted into the carboy and I sucked on the end of the tube (using my iodine sanitized fingers as a makeshift gasket) to start the flow. I learned to secure the tube end to the keg with some wire after a mishap a while back involving beer being siphoned out all over the floor.

Here’s what the beer looks like at this point. I have to say it looks a bit darker than my pale usually turns out, but it should lighten up a bit as it chills and clarifies in the fridge for a few weeks.

After filling up the keg the lid was secured, the dip tubes were inserted, and the gas and liquid posts were screwed in. Here’s the cornelius keg after everything is secured. Afterwards I attached the CO2 tank to the gas port to purge the keg of air to prevent any bacterial contamination.

And into the fridge it goes. Starting with the fore-right keg and going clockwise we have Lunar Whale Pale Ale, Cave’s Hard Lemonade, Catapult Summer Ale, and Dreadnought Stout. The stout is the only one I’ve been drinking since I’m saving the summer ale for a bbq and the lemonade isn’t quite ready yet.

I think I could probably squeeze another keg in there. What do you think? :]


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